The Quotation?

Each quotation we submit is tailor made to your specifications – based on the advertisement package and screens you have chosen.

Accept the quotation by signing it and sending it back to us to initiate the advertising process.

The Design?

Once initiation/booking fee has been paid we commence the design process.
We design your advertisement for you – free of charge.

Our experienced design team is familiar with each digital billboards unique specifications & output capabalities so by keeping the design procedure in-house we eliminate any design complications/issues and speed up the creative process.

Simply supply us with your company’s details (logo etc) or direct us to your website or social media accounts where we can obtain the necessary information.

With your colaboration we’ll design your advertisement in no time – hassle free – Free of charge: This includes the initial design of your advertisement as well as one design change of your advertisement per month.

The Approval?

No advertisement will be uploaded without your approval.

Only once you are 100% satisfied with your advertisement will you give us the final approval and your advertisement will then be sent for uploading.

The Upload?

Uploading to the screen will be done on the agreed upon date or as per your specification on the quotation.

You will receive official confirmation once your advertisement has been uploaded.